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Application for xi_rpg

NAME: Lyra
AGE: 25
EMAIL ADDRESS: lyrangalia at gmail dot com
OTHER CHARACTERS: Lara Raith (truewhitequeen )

NAME: Thomas Raith
SOURCE: The Dresden Files, book-verse
AGE: 21
ROLE: Currently works two jobs in Salem Center under the name Thomas Romany: a receptionist at the Salem Center House of Hair during weekdays, and a barista at Starbucks at night. Eventually will become a student/teaching assistant/residential advisor at the Xavier Institute.

AU BACKGROUND: Born to Lord Raith and Margaret LeFay, Thomas is the only one of Lord Raith’s sons to survive past his eighteenth birthday, the others all having been killed before they could become a threat to Raith’s powers. This, however, wasn’t for a lack of trying, on Raith’s part. But then again, this is a very long story…

Margaret LeFay was a powerful mutant with an idealistic view of what it meant to be different. Through her vocal flouting of what was considered status quo, Margaret caught the attention of Lord Raith, who was interested in strengthening his family’s power base. He eventually seduced her, envisioning a child of their union to have both his considerable empathic powers and her psychic abilities. Thus was born Thomas Raith, on Feburary 14, 1989.

Soon after Thomas’ birth, Margaret realized that even if her son had the power Lord Raith wanted, Raith would never let her son live to become a threat to him. So Margaret took Thomas and ran, unfortunately, not fast enough. The ensuing clash with Raith weakened Margaret, and Raith forced her to relinquish her son to him in exchange for her life. Having figured out Raith’s weakness, Margaret agreed, exacting a promise from Lord Raith that Thomas would never be harmed by his hand, with every intention of returning once she had recovered to rescue her son.

Fate intervened, and Margaret LeFay fell in love with Malcolm Dresden. Two years after Thomas’ birth, after the birth of her second son Harry, Margaret LeFay faced Lord Raith again. During the conflict, Margaret crippled Raith, but at the cost of her life, leaving behind two sons who did not know the other existed.

Thomas grew up in Lord Raith’s house, essentially raised by his sisters and nannies. His promise to Margaret did not stay Lord Raith’s hand, however, and Thomas grew up quickly, dodging the many assassination attempts flung at him by his weakened father. It wasn’t until after he turned fifteen that Thomas realized things were different in his family.

During sophomore year, Thomas asked a girl in his English class to Homecoming, and she accepted gladly. The school won its homecoming game, and emotions ran high as the students flooded the gym for the post-game dance. Thomas and his date lingered beneath the bleachers, indulging their hormones until they could barely think straight.

When Thomas came to again, his date was cold on the ground beside him, and he felt… different. Stronger. Faster. Hungrier.

Understandably, Thomas ran. He had no destination, only the instinct to get away. As he sat, hungry and confused in the Greyhound station trying to figure out where was the farthest thirty-seven dollars and twenty-one cents could get him, a mysterious woman approached him and gave Thomas a bus ticket, with the name of a business in New York City scrawled on the back. Severely lacking options, Thomas took the ticket, and found the business in question, a busy deli that catered to the Wall Street lunch crowd. Upon seeing the ticket stub he presented, the owner of the deli offered Thomas a job, and for a month or so, Thomas made his living delivering lunches to office workers and conference rooms all over Wall Street.

During that month, Thomas was quickly noticed by an investment banker, who hired him as a personal bodyguard after seeing Thomas easily fend off a pair of muggers trying to get his day’s take. One thing led to another and Thomas soon found himself working for a club for the rich and influential, his abilities ensuring his rise through the ranks of simple bouncer to enforcer. Working for the club, Thomas honed his fighting skills, learned young by dodging multiple assassination attempts by his father. Even though he had qualms about some of the things he was asked to do, Thomas focused on his paycheck, which was growing more and more sizeable by the month.

It wasn’t until the end of his second year in New York City that Thomas learned two things: one, the club he’d been working for was called the Hellfire Club, and two, the mysterious woman who had given him the bus ticket was in fact his sister Lara (who had disappeared a few years after he’d been born), who had also orchestrated his entire rise in New York City as her spy in the outer circle of the Hellfire Club.

Having had his eyes opened to his sister’s machinations, Thomas could no longer ignore the questionable practices of the Hellfire Club, and left the job, disappearing into the nameless masses of New York City. Unbeknownst to him, it is only his sister’s influence that keeps the members of the Club from seeking retribution. Thomas spent the next few years trying to atone for the crimes he unknowingly committed, and keeping an eye on his sister, whom he realized was much more ambitious and callous than he ever thought possible.

When he heard that Lara has left her comfortable position in Chicago to take a job as a guidance counselor at the Xavier Institute, Thomas became instantly suspicious and packed his bags for Salem Center, intent on making sure his sister didn’t take advantage of anyone else like she’d done him.

PERSONALITY: Thomas projects an aura of flirtatious confidence to all he meets. This confidence is as much a façade as it is an unconscious manifestation of his powers. He will not hesitate to compliment a beautiful woman (or man), or proposition her (or him). Coupled with his good looks, Thomas comes off as a very pretty, very charming young man with very little between his ears. (His favourite description of himself is ‘little more than an ambulatory penis’.)

In reality, Thomas is a thoughtful, careful person. Having been burned by his family’s manipulations, he wears his charm and empty-headedness as armour against them taking any further interest in his life. Once he lets down his shields (and he does not do this lightly or often), people find that he possesses a very sarcastic wit, as well as a protective streak about a mile wide.

Oh, and he’s kind of a slob.

APPEARANCE: Thomas stands at an even 6’, with a fit, muscular build. He’s been described as the “lost Greek god of body cologne” and the “high priest of Bowflex” by uncharitable jealous sarcastic types. His colouring is much like his sister’s, with pale skin and dark, storm grey eyes. Thomas’ hair is black and collar length, slightly curling, and still manages to look artfully tousled even though all he does is run his hand through it (and a comb. If he remembers.)

When he’s not wearing the barista’s green apron, Thomas looks like he’s stepped off the front page of a fashion magazine, wearing the latest trends even if they are woefully inadequate for the weather or impractical. This is, however, just another part of his empty-headed playboy façade. When alone and lounging about the house, Thomas usually wears just a pair of comfortable jeans, and a shirt if you’re unlucky.

The only thing Thomas is counted on always wearing is a small silver pentagram pendant that belonged to his mother.

POWERS: As far as Thomas (and everyone else) knows, his powers are superhuman strength, speed, senses, and a healing factor that allows him to recover from a broken neck within minutes. These powers, coupled with his father’s multiple assassination attempts, have made Thomas a formidable fighter, both with firearms as well as bladed weapons.

In reality, his powers are much like his sister’s, having inherited the Raith family’s ability to drain the life force of those around them. However, Margaret LeFay’s mutant DNA interfered with Raith’s, and instead of feeding exclusively on life force, Thomas is also able to feed on positive emotional energy. Empaths who come within range of Thomas may notice a quieting of emotions and a pervasive warmth that feels almost like a full-body blush, while he is feeding on emotions (which is almost always).

Given the traumatic way his mutation manifested, Thomas has blocked out any knowledge of his feeding abilities, having dissociated the desire for another’s life force into an entity he calls the Hunger, and feeds off emotions unconsciously. Because he rarely uses his enhanced strength and senses, Thomas has not made the connection between them and his actual mutation. All he knows is that when those around him are filled with positive energy, he feels better. So he flirts and compliments those around him in an unconscious attempt at self-medication.

ANYTHING ELSE?: Thomas is Harry Dresden’s half-brother, but right now the only person who knows that is Lara. They’ll figure it out at some point.

Due to his father’s attentions, Thomas learned early in life to dodge assassins and survive, and his time as an enforcer for the lower circle of the Hellfire Club only sharpened those skills and heightened his paranoia. He always has a weapon to hand, while at work it’s usually a small caliber handgun or knife, but he’s been known to haul around a cavalry saber and a Desert Eagle when feeling particularly edgy.

First-person sample:
My name is Thomas Raith, and I am a barista.

And a receptionist. But sometimes dignity needs to get sacrificed in the name of figuring out what my bitch sister is up to.

I guess I should start from the beginning, huh? My family’s always been a little weird, between the business wheeling and dealing and my father’s attempts to assassinate me as soon as I could walk. But I did pretty well for myself, up until sophomore year of high school, when I realized that we didn’t just run odd businesses, but that we were mutants.

Long story short, I went to New York City, thought I was doing pretty well for myself until I realized that everything I had, everything I thought I’d earned for myself, was my older sister pulling my strings so that she could use me as her spy. The older sister who ran off before I was born because she had better things to do than keep her siblings away from homicidal father of the year. Not to mention the place I thought was so great ended up being some old money’s club for people with too much money to get more of it at the expense of innocent people just trying to make a living. And yeah, my bitch sister ran that club for years, just so she could have enough power and influence to waltz on home and play the conquering hero.

Empty night, I love my family.

What can I say? I was young, and I was stupid. But I know better now, and I’m going to make up for it. Even if it means I’m answering phones and getting yelled at by women about their haircuts and colour touchups all day. Even if it means I’m slinging non-fat double-whip quad-shot soy vanilla lattes two pumps syrup no sugar all night. I’m here in Salem Center, and I’m going to figure out what my sister is up to.

Because she’s not going to do what she did to me to anyone else.

Third-person sample:
When Thomas walked into the House of Hair, there was still an hour before the salon was set to open, but the bevy of hairdressers were already in full swing, bustling about cleaning their implements. “Toe-moss, answer the telephone, s’il vous plait,” Antoine, the head hairdresser, said even before the door had swung closed. “It has been ringing for the last five minutes.”

Thomas fought the urge to roll his eyes. When he had come to Salem Center, he’d thought that the House of Hair would be a perfect place to figure out what his sister was up to. After all, where did women gossip if not the salon? Except that the House of Hair seemed to cater exclusively to women in their late sixties and beyond, most of whom were too busy trading gossip about their children and grandchildren to let slip anything of worth about the Xavier Institute, tucked away among all the rambling estates. Maybe if the school had a dance or something, the students would come to town to get their hair styled, and bring with them some small gossip about his sister.

Right, and pigs would fly. Maybe it was time he took a second job, somewhere students and teachers were more likely to congregate. The coffee shop was hiring. Thomas picked up the ringing telephone, stifling his sigh. “Hello, House of Hair, this is Thomas Romany speaking.”
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