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[01: video] - I hold out for one more drink Before I think I’m looking too desperately

[The video flicks on to reveal a dark haired man, grey eyed and looking somewhere between weary and pissed. He's also soaked to the skin, his shirt plastered to a just-muscular-enough chest and dark dark hair dripping wetly into his eyes. For someone who looks like he's been wandering in the rain for an hour or so, Thomas still manages to look very attractive. Some people can just pull off the drowned rat look, it would seem. He eyes the camera skeptically, the swings it wide to show a couple of dilapidated buildings.]

Who the hell moved the liquor store?

[The fact that he doesn't even seem to be in Chicago anymore? Doesn't seem to bother Thomas for the moment.]
Tags: [adstring], c: castiel, c: dean winchester, c: gabriel, c: harry potter, c: hawke, c: jack harkness, c: lily evans, c: raven, c: riku, c: sonneillon, c: yuffie kisaragi, introduction, scotch is cheaper than therapy, thomas is wearing a shirt?!, video
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