Thomas Raith (godofcologne) wrote,
Thomas Raith

[02: video] - Life is fraughtless, when you're thoughtless

[About five minutes ago, a sharp popping sound could have been heard from one of the emptier buildings in the city. And only now does the video come on, with Thomas looking disheveled, to put it mildly. He's got yellow pulp clinging to his hair, and his clothes are clinging to him again, this time covered in what looks like apple juice.]

[still, he doesn't look particularly embarrassed, just a little sheepishly smirky]

So, fermenting apple cider explodes. Who knew.

[ooc: on-line or off, either is fine. He'll be cleaning up his mess for a good long while, plenty of time for multiple people to drop by.]
Tags: [adstring], c: allen walker, c: castiel, c: jack harkness, c: killua, c: lily walker, c: lucifer, c: raphael, c: raven, event!apples, oh shit angels, thomas can't cook, thomas is wearing a shirt?!, thomas raith: professional dumbass, video
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