Thomas Raith (godofcologne) wrote,
Thomas Raith

[04: video] - I know you said he's just a dog astray

[The impact with the ground triggers the PCD's on button and the video flicks on. The camera has landed against a rock or something, giving it a skewed view of the sky, of skeletal trees and grey clouds. There's movement though, against the trees. A familiar figure, usually careless and flippant, with a pet name and some irritating compliment on his lips. This time, however, Thomas looked focused, and he moves with lean, predatory grace as the cavalry saber in his hands gleams silver. He's moving between the stand of anemic trees, sparring against invisible opponents, practicing or reliving some old encounter, every so often the saber biting through a tree limb to send it to the ground.

The feed continues in this vein for a few minutes, before a sweep of silver above the PCD sends a skeletal tree branch falling on top of the PCD, obscuring its view once more.
Tags: [adstring], c: axel, c: jack harkness, c: naruto uzumaki, even imaginary friends want to kill him, killing things is cheaper than therapy, sparring works better with two, video, what are these feelings you speak of
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